Helpful QuickBooks Tips for General Contracting Businesses

quickbooksThe idea of using a business accounting software is to make keeping up with your company’s finances easier. QuickBooks, one of the most well-known versions, is quite easy to use. And with a few tricks, you can make it easier. Here are some tips to speed up and streamline your interaction with QuickBooks.


Use Keyboard Shortcuts


Similar to other Window-based applications, there are several keyboard shortcuts you can use with QuickBooks. When you need to get to an invoice or statement quickly, you want to get there as fast as you can. Here are some tips below:


  • To start an invoice, hit Ctrl + I
  • To edit a selected transaction in register, hit Ctrl + E
  • To find a transaction, hit Ctrl + F
  • To open the customer center, hit Ctrl + J
  • To memorize transaction, hit Ctrl + M
  • To open a memorized transaction list, hit Ctrl + T
  • To write a new check, hit Ctrl + W


Modify the Icon Bar


QuickBooks provides an icon bar at the top of the screen. However, you can change or modify the icon bar to better suit your needs. The best part is that it isn’t hard to do.


To Remove an Icon: Go to the view menu and click on the customize icon bar. Pick the icon you to remove and delete it.


To Add an Icon: Go to the view menu, click on the customize icon bar, and click on add. Pick the desired item from the list. If you want to change the label and description, do so. Click ok.


To Modify an Icon: Go to the view menu, click on the customize icon bar, and pick the item you want to modify. Click edit and make the changes. Click ok.


Use the QuickBooks Calculator


If you liked the old-fashion calculator with the tape, you will find this one much more fun to use. It works just the same. For example, to get the tape going, you just have to click the equal (=) sign.


Use the Program Preferences


QuickBooks has a setup wizard that assists you with laying the accounting groundwork for your company. Even though it is not lengthy, it isn’t all-inclusive. Some of the issues and questions that QuickBooks features can help you with are:


  • Setting Up Your Company’s Annual Interest Rate
  • Setting Up Your Company’s Use of Multiple Currencies
  • Setting Up Your Company’s Sales Tax
  • Setting Up Your Company’s Payroll
  • Setting Up Your Company’s Price Estimates
  • Setting Up Your Company’s Use of Purchase Orders
  • Setting Up Your Company’s Inventory
  • Setting Up Your Company’s Time Tracking